Simple C(ontact)

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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.3 - 3.3

Last Updated: May 15, 2014
Tags: form contact contact form
Author: entuland
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Plugin Description:

This plugin is a fork of Nicolas Liautaud's popular p01-contact plugin.

Update: this is likely going to be the last version for this fork, as the improvements I've made to p01-contact are going to be added directly to p01-contact or to its successor, FormSimple. This update is mainly meant to get rid of the conflict with a pre-existing plugin named "simple-contact".

Stay tuned with p01-contact!

This is the first description of this upload and as such is just a stub with only the most basic information needed to use it. First, get accustomed with the documentation of the original p01-contact plugin.

Once you've done that, consider the following, as a very rough first documentation:

  • the form tag you have to put into the pages has the form (% simplec %) instead of (% contact %) This doesn't work right now due to a bug in my code. Please specify the language in the tag as mentioned here below

  • you can set the form language on a per-tag basis using this syntax: (% simplec: formlang = fr %) - in order for this to correctly work, the formlang parameter should precede all other fields' parameters.

  • if you're going to use it from PHP, the main class has been renamed from P01contact to SimpleC

  • you can now translate this plugin using the translate plugin. Use English as the basis for your translations because the other ones, exception made for the Italian language, are incomplete

Refer to the included CHANGELOG.txt file for further insight on the changes I've made.

Install Instructions:

As with any other regular GetSimple plugin, you only have to unzip the files into the plugins folder of GetSimple, getting a structure like this:

      + simple-c.php
      + simple-c/
                      + simple-c-functions.php
                      + (other php and txt files)
                      + lang/
                            + en_US.php
                            + (other php files)

...and so forth.

Archived Versions:

These are old versions of this file. Please use with caution as they are probably out of date and no longer supported. ShowHide