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Compatible with: GetSimple 2.03 -

Last Updated: January 5, 2011
Tags: gallery simple gallery just upload gallery lightbox gallery
Author: smooo3
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Plugin Description:

This plugin enables a powerfull gallery. Just upload the pictures in "gallery" folder, setup gallery to fit your needs and everything is done automatically. Uses slimbox 2.0 to make the gallery appear very nice. Supports only jpg/jpeg files!!!

How to use

Just insert in your desired template file:

gallery() in php syntax brackets

and setup plugin in your admin plugins section, to make it work as you want.

Install Instructions:

Copy the content of a zip file to plugins directory. Create new template file and insert where you need to show gallery. Then create folder "gallery" in GetSimple root directory and upload directories and files via FTP or webftp to server(whatever). Files must be in .jpg format!!!