slug Transliteration

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Compatible with: GetSimple 2.03 -

Last Updated: June 16, 2011
Tags: core function changedata slug internationalisation internationalization i18n transliteration translation
Author: Zegnåt
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Plugin Description:

A transliteration function that through this plugin can be added to your GetSimple core.

It will replace foreign characters according to a map in your language file. By default it does this with your page title when you haven’t defined a slug. This way Russian, Greek and other non-Latin page titles will provide the page with a functional slug.

The function can also be used by other plugins in your template. More information on this will follow shortly.

GetSimple 3.1 note

This plugin should not be used with GetSimple 3.1. As of r499 slug transliteration is part of the core.

Version history

  1. Initial launch.
  2. Encoding fix and error suppression.

Install Instructions:

  1. Unpack
  2. Put slugtranslit.php in your plugins directory.