Spoiler Plugin

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Category: Plugin
Compatible with: GetSimple 3.0 - 3.2

Last Updated: May 27, 2013
Tags: Spoiler
Author: ePirat
Author Website: http://epirat.de
Support: Support Forum

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Plugin Description:

This Plugin adds the ability to use [spoiler] [/spoiler] BBCode Style on GetSimple Pages. It is optimized for "Innovation" Theme but I am working on it to get it work with other themes too.


  • Fixed some strict php errors
  • Fixed a bug with custom classes, everything should work fine now

  • Added support for custom classes for button and div
  • Switched to domready to load faster

  • Fixed another Firefox issue, where the Button/Link text won't change properly

  • Improved JavaScript Code to work with IE6+ and Firefox

  • Added Settings:
    • Set default show/hide text
    • Decide if button/link should appear after or before the spoiler
    • Switch between Link and Button

  • Rewrote Javascript Code (thanks to frnkkpp, he did most of the work), cleaned up PHP code
  • Added ability to specify different text for show/hide
  • Changed default button text to Show Spoiler and Hide Spoiler
  • HTML produced by the spoiler plugin should now be valid

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the regex to work in some rare situtions

  • Now you can use [spoiler=Custom Text]My hidden Text[/spoiler] to give the spoiler button a custom caption
  • Will not add javascript and css code if no spoiler is used on the page
  • Improved onload function to not conflict with other plugins Thanks to singulae from the forum!

  • Fixed Background-Color, now transparent, not white.
  • When Javascript is disabled the spoiler text color is now set to the same as the background, so that the spoiler text is definitely not visible.

Install Instructions:

Extract the "spoiler-plugin.zip" and upload the "spoiler_button.php" file to the /plugins folder of your GetSimple installation. (If you have an old version of it there, simply replace the file with the new one)

Archived Versions:

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