TIDEngine News/Blog Manager 2.0

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Category: Plugin
Compatible with: GetSimple 3.0 - 3.1

Last Updated: August 7, 2012
Tags: news news manager blog blog manager
Author: bogyvet
Author Website: http://tidengine.info
Support: Support Forum

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Plugin Description:

TIDEngine News/Blog Manager - This is 2.0 release completely updated from version 1.0+.

Release 2.2 with bug fixes:

  1. Share Services Settings - removed personal keys, fixed CSS container height.
  2. Tags Page - Undefined index: tide_tags.
  3. Extended news page - Displayed news contains only news summary without rest of the content.
  4. Latest News Extended - News content did not show
  5. Archive Page - News did not shown.
  6. Edit / Create News: -Problem with tags containing special chars. -Problem updating new tags, and changing old tags
  7. RSS Feed Category Menu - showing on archive, tags and latest news page

Release 2.1 with bug fixes:

  1. General Setings Page, External commenting checkbox. Do not accept checked state.
  2. RSS Feed Setings Page, after uploading image doesn't show in preview area, when iage is uppercase.
  3. Share Services Settings Page, CSS fixed.
  4. Problem with Html enteries Create News
  5. Admin Navigation fixed
  6. Problem with extended news template
  7. Category delete message language missing
  8. Admin login problem after installation.



  • Automatic Plugin installation.
  • Fancy Url support .
  • Multilingual support.
  • Shortcodes support.

Backend Features:

  • Category Management: create/ edit/ delete, Category Meta Tags, Private Category
  • News Management: create/ edit/ delete, News Meta Tags, Private News, News Tags, Permanent Link...
  • RSS Feed Management: Manual/ Automatic Feed creation, News Order...
  • Template Editor All frontend News Templates.
  • Plugin Settings: Covers almost every aspect of functionality.
  • Help

Frontend Features:

  • Latest News Page
  • Tags Page
  • Archive Page
  • RSS Feed Page

  • Latest News Menu - Simple/ Extended

  • Tags Menu - General/ Category
  • Archive Menu - General/ Category
  • RSS Feed Menu - General/ Category
  • Addthis and ShareThis menus

  • Breadcrumbs

  • Different Multiple Pages navigation: Old/ New, Paginate, Drop List

Install Instructions:

Upload TIDEngine News/Blog Manager plugin files into "plugins" directory You should see in Admin Pannel new tab "NEWS". Go to News Page. Installation is based on simple installation wizard. Follow installation steps.

If you are using vesion 1.6 before installation remove from .htaccess file code between

 #TIDEngine News Plugin and #TIDEngine News Plugin

Additional support site .

All shortcodes from last versions are deprecated

  • Successfull Installation - you should see button that link to "NEWS SETTINGS". There are Default Settings. But you should adjust Settings that fit your needs.
  • Installation Problems - you will get Error Message. You must manually create directory and file structure to enable Plugin functionality.

All other Instructions are included in Plugin Help.

News Page Content:

 <?php tide_show_news("CATEGORY_SLUG"); ?>


CATEGORY_SLUG - Category slug is added/ updated/ removed by Plugin. You do not need to add it manually, except there are some problems with this functionality.

Latest News Page Content

 <?php tide_show_news("master"); ?>


Archive Page Content

 <?php tide_archive($_GET); ?>


Tags Page Content

 <?php tide_tags($_GET); ?>


News Page Breadcrumbs

 <?php tide_news_breadcrumbs(); ?>


Latest News Menu

Menu with News Short Summary:

 <?php tide_news_menu("summary"); ?>


Menu without News Short Summary:

 <?php tide_news_menu("menu"); ?>


Tags Menu

Site/ General Tags Menu:

 <?php tide_tags_menu("general"); ?>


Category Tags Menu:

 <?php tide_tags_menu("category"); ?>


Archive Menu

Site/ General Archive Menu:

 <?php tide_archive_menu("general"); ?>


Category Archive Menu:

 <?php tide_archive_menu("category"); ?>


RSS Feed Menu

Site/ General RSS Feed Menu:

 <?php tide_rss_feed_menu("general"); ?>


Category RSS Feed Menu:

 <?php tide_rss_feed_menu("category"); ?>



 <?php tide_share_addthis("share_code_1"); ?>


sharecode1/ SHARECODE1 - Are predefined in Share Services Settings


 <?php tide_share_sharethis("share_code_1"); ?>


sharecode1/ SHARECODE1 - Are predefined in Share Services Settings

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