TIDEngine News/Blog Manager

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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.0 - 3.1

Last Updated: June 26, 2012
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Author: bogyvet
Author Website: http://tidengine.info
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Plugin Description:

TIDEngine News/Blog Manager - This is new release of Extended News Manager Plugin.


  • Automatic plugins installation : Files/ Directory creation, .httaccess modification.
  • Fancy url support - pages, news, rss.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Navigation - paginate, dropdown list, default.
  • RSS Feed: automatic creation for pages RSS and/ or site RSS.
  • External Commenting Plugin integration for every news item.
  • RSS Feed Menu
  • Latest News Menu
  • Choose where you want to put News
  • News Item Theme Support - adjust look to fit your needs.
  • Individual Meta Tags - For every News Item.
  • ShareThis integration

Bug fixes Version 1.5 :

  • Changed functions names - compatibility with other plugins tide_ namespace.
  • Removed RSS Page from News overview - This page is just to show RSS Feed
  • Multilanguage Admin Menu items.
  • Private News added.
  • Choose number of news per page 1-20
  • Added RSS Feed Image Uploader
  • Integrated ShareThis.
  • Multiple ShareThis Menus added.
  • Addded to Settings Sharethis developer key and Twiter user name.
  • Master News Page added to Settings - page that will show all existing News.
  • Fixed RSS Page creation during Installation.
  • Prevent adding Rewrite rule to .htaccess if already exist.
  • Fixed OS dependent slash during PluginInstallation.
  • Removed Pages without news from News overview
  • Fixed number news in news overview .
  • Fixed problem with RSS Feed creation on some servers
  • Fixed Edit News multiple escape content.
  • Fixed New Meta Title.
  • Added published by and category in News Summary - TIDEusers compatibility.
  • Fixed Rewrite Rule for News, Pages with Paginate
  • Added No News Message on pages without news.
  • Added Breadcrumbs
  • Added components CSS classes for easier design.
  • Fixed Edit News slug speial characters problem.
  • Added Recreate RSS Feed during Setup save.

Bug fixes Version 1.1 :

  • Rewrite Rule for News, Pages with Paginate.
  • No News Message on pages without news.
  • Title tag added.
  • Posted in Page Name.

Install Instructions:


  • Upload Plugin files to plugin directory.
  • Navigate AdminTab Menu -> News. There you will see installation page. Just follow installation steps.
  • After finished installation you go to NEWS SETTINGS and adjust all by your needs.

Nothing to do manual.

*Create Pages and add to pages that you want to add and show news.

 <?php tide_show_news(return_page_slug()); ?>

*To add Latest News Menu add. Use all to combine all pages news.

 <?php tide_news_menu(return_page_slug()); ?>

<?php tide_news_menu('all'); ?>

*To add RSS Feed Menu add:

 <?php tide_rss_feed_menu(return_page_slug()); ?>

*To add ShareThis Social Buttons, you have multiple choices:

 <?php tide_social_buttons('large'); ?>

 <?php tide_social_buttons('large_bubble'); ?>

 <?php tide_social_buttons('small'); ?>

 <?php tide_social_buttons('small_bubble'); ?>

*To add Facebook like, G+1 and Tweet buttons:

 <?php tide_likes(); ?>

Additional support on new site .

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