URL Corrector

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Category: Plugin
Compatible with: GetSimple 3.3 - 3.3

Last Updated: December 26, 2016
Tags: url bugfix
Author: f30d0r
Author Website: https://github.com/f30d0r/
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Plugin Description:

GetSimple is a very good CMS, but it has one very big problem. It doesn't correct incorrect urls. For example you have a page, and you can get access to it by four different ways.

  1. You can get it by GET variable http://site.com/index.php?id=page
  2. You can get it by semantic URL http://site.com/page/
  3. You can get it with parent in URL http://site.com/parent/page/
  4. And you also can get it with incorrect parent http://site.com/fakeparent/page/

It's unacceptable for search optimization, because for search engines it's looks like different pages with same content.

URL Corrector plugin created to solve this problem. If fancy URLs are enabled in settings menu, plugin correct any incorrect URL by pattern, that defined in settings menu. By default it's %parent%/%slug%/



  • Fixed a bug with the double slash.


  • Fix for problem with GS installation in folder on domain.

Plugin works on English and Russian languages. For adding any other language you can create in plugins directory a new folder and name it by plugin's filename. In this folder you need to create lang folder, where you can create language file. For example plugins/url_corrector/lang/un_US.php

In this file you need to describe $uc_i18n variable that must be an array.

<?php $uc_i18n = array( "PLUGIN_DESCRIPTION" => "Correct Fancy URLs in GetSimple CMS", "PRETTYURLS_OFF" => "Fancy URLs if off. <b>URL Corrector</b> plugin can't work!" ); ?>

Install Instructions:

For plugin installing you need to unzip the php file to your plugins folder and activate it from plugins page in backend.

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