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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.2.3 - 3.3

Last Updated: February 17, 2016
Tags: volunteers users contacts events database sqlite
Author: olmy
Author Website: http://www.mene-informatique.com
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Plugin Description:

A solution for managing a large number of contacts and/or events using Sqlite3

Allows volonteers to register and subscribe to events

IMPORTANT 0.4.7 has DB structure changes. If you are upgrading delete data/other/volunteer/volunteer.db. From this version forward, the existing database is identified and corrected at each upgrade.

Known platforms

This plugin has been developed using PHP 5.4.4 with the PDO and Sqlite3 extensions. At this stage it hasn't been tested on all possible platforms, so if it runs on other versions, please let me know!

Works on PHP 3.3.22 - davetest Works on PHP 5.6 & GS 3.3.8 - olmy

Install Instructions:

  1. Download ZIP file with plugin from this page.
  2. Unzip it into the "plugins" folder using FTP or any other method.
  3. Log in to your GetSimple administration panel.
  4. Activate the plugin under the Plugins tab.
  5. Set the admin email address in Pages -> Volunteer Manager.

Page Tags:


 [vl_events]     //shows the events forms and list


[vl_groups]      // manages and displays groups 


 [vl_user]       //shows the current user
 [vl_connect]    //shows the connect form
 [vl_register]   //shows the register form
 [vl_profile]    //shows the current user profile

User list

[vl_list_users]  //shows list of users - Admin

Template Functions

Display the current user :

 <?php vl_display_user();?>

Display the plugin version:

 <?php vl_display_version();?>


You can have one page with the events tag, one page with the connections tags, one page with the groups tags.(see demo link above)

Volunteers can register, update their profile, view and join groups, view, subscribe and unsubscribe to events

The admin can create and delete events, remove any volunteer from events, and manage groups

TODO: lots! please post your ideas to the support forum.

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