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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.0 - 3.2.3

Last Updated: August 18, 2016
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Author: yojoe
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Theme Description:

BlueBusiness is probably the first, free business-like theme for GetSimple. Theme is html5/css3 ready, supports all latest browsers, and is compatible with most popular i18n plugins. It has a builtin' slimbox gallery, so you add fancy effects to your images by adding a thumbnail, and linking to full sized image.

This theme is perfect for small companies websites having standard pages like "about us, our offer, contact".

For more instructions, hints, features and a working demo visit:


  • 1.4 - tweaks toward better compatibility with i18n plugins; minor css changes; code optimization
  • 1.3 - css improvements (menu, images, etc); code cleanup
  • 1.2 - tons of changes, and improvements; full changelog is posted in latest news on demo page along with showcase of popular plugins
  • 1.1 - small bugfixes; moving search functionality from component to template
  • 1.0 - raw version release

Install Instructions:

  1. Extract archive to your getsimple's /theme directory and enable it in GS administration panel
  2. Upload your PNG logo image to /uploads directory. Image has to be named "logo.png" If you don't have any image to place as a logo, pointing to index page, use blank "logo.png". You can find it in theme's archive.
  3. Create two private pages; their content will show up on index page in two content containers below index page content; Those pages names will show up as headers of those content boxes, but their URLs have to be named: indexbox1 and indexbox2 (page options), to actually let them appear.

Additional notes, hints and tweaks are described in readme file inside archive, and on the getsimple template demo page.

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