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Last Updated: November 13, 2012
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Author: Timbow
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Theme Description:

A business type theme built on the Cardinal theme. Version 2.0 is now variable width and responsive right down to phone screen size.

2-column, with the nav in the sidebar for normal screen viewing, and single column from 700pixels wide and downwards. Favicon included (which you can change) and a holder image for a business logo. The current header image is a view of the beautiful city of Bath which you can replace with a picture of your own down at heel shabby hometown if you wish.

Hopefully it will be easy to use as is and to adapt, but please leave the links in the footer

Install Instructions:

Normal installation - unzip to theme folder and activate. There are a couple of lines of css for the P01Contact plugin so you should be able to put the tag (% contact %) in to a page and it will adjust the width of the fields for you. The favicon is in the theme folder, the logo image is cwb.png (60px tall) and the header image is in the theme images folder as pagehead.jpg, 710 x 180 pxs.

Full Demo Site with instructions at

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