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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.3 - 3.3

Last Updated: May 18, 2020
Author: Felix
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Theme Description:


The purpose of the ItemManager-Theme is example use of the ItemManager v2.4.6 plugin. See the template files and the functions.php file in this theme how ItemManager is used to manage and output the content for the pages. Note that this is only a head start in ItemManager use. The full api has not been used here yet. The logic separation from the markup has been done with the use of simple function calls and can also be improved further. This will be done in future upgrades of this theme.


Have a look at the functions.php and style.css files as they are commented extensively about their usage in this theme.

You can use this theme also as a starter website template. I have made the theme responsive for desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. The horizontal menu even adapts nicely with a menu button for smartphone sized screens. The responsive breakpoints are set on 1200, 1100, 1024, 900, 800 and 600px with a fixed size on 450px.

The theme even comes with two professional picture galleries, photobox and lightgallery both also managed by ItemManager.

Feel free to change the contents in this ItemManager theme and use it in any way you want.

Install Instructions:


a) Download from extend the file:

b) This theme needs the data folder to be updated ! Download from here:

 see step 3) in the installation

c) This theme needs the following 2 plugins: imanager and im extra fields. Download these 2 plugins from the extend or download from here:

 see step 4) in the installation


1) Setup a fresh new Get-Simple installation in your local Server or online.

2) Upload the file to the theme folder and unzip.

3) Upload the file to the website root and unzip. This will update the data folder with the necessary itemmanager files.

4) Upload to the plugins folder and unzip. This will insert the plugins imanager and im extra fields.

5) Open the Get-Simple backend, open settings and check: Website URL. Be sure that Website URL is set correctly (for local server or online)

6) Go to the TAB Plugins and check that the itemmanager and im extra fields plugins are activated.

7) In the Get-Simple backend, go to the TAB Theme, select ItemManager as your theme, click on the Activate Theme button to reactivate !

8) Open the file .htaccess in the webroot and check your RewriteBase /

The ItemManager Theme should work from here.



Updated to version 1.2

a) improved the head section
b) added the logo to more pages
c) corrected the links in the footer
d) improved responsive behaviour on smartphones

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