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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.2 - 3.2

Last Updated: September 18, 2013
Tags: columns modern theme
Author: Timbow
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Theme Description:

There is now a responsive version of this theme available as New Minimalism

Plain modern and elegant theme from . There is no demo of the theme but I am using it (slightly customised) on my site . I made a homepage with the three columns and images and a plain 'page and sidebar' default template. Credit for the original design to Marija Zaric

Install Instructions:

To set up the three columns first choose the page template homepage.php for your home/index page. Then create three more pages in the GetSimple back end naming them First, Second and Third. Put paragraph text in each page and an extract will appear in each of the three columns on the homepage. the three pages can be added to the menu or not, as you like.

Once you have saved those three pages you can alter the column titles in homepage.php and alter the Page titles and the menu text in the GS page editor without breaking the links, because GS will have saved the pages with the correct slugs.

The sidebar component is used at the bottom of the homepage and at the right side of the default standard page.

Users will want to replace the three images and the favicon in the theme images folder.