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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.1 - 3.2

Last Updated: October 16, 2013
Tags: responsive
Author: Timbow
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Theme Description:

This is a theme built on the Skeleton grid to make it fully responsive down to small phone screen size. View the demo site here:

The standard Template follows the Standard GetSimple format of Title and Tagline, Page and Sidebar. There is also a page template without the sidebar.

The header image can be changed through the GS backend without ftp and without editing the theme files and pages can be given specific header images the same way.

V1.1 - altered some whitespace values. Gave the ids to divs "maincontent" and "sidebar" for easier selection when styling V1.2 - made ready for the custom title plugin without editing the templates. Made the footer text editable without editing the templates. Tidied. Added editor.css

Install Instructions:

It's a normal theme: Unzip, Upload, Activate.

To change the header image first prepare and upload your image. It doesn't need to be the right size but suitable for resizing to 940 x 160 pixels. Make a Component and call it header. In the component write html image tags to link to your image and define the size. If for instance your image is head01.jpg and is in the uploads folder the contents of the component will be:

 <img src="<?php get_site_url(); ?>data/uploads/head01.jpg" alt="Text Here" height="160" width="940">

To make an image specific to one page just name the component header-slug where slug is the slug of the page it will be shown on.

To edit the right hand footer text (initially 'Theme | Powered by GetSimple') make a component and name it 'footer'. Put any text or html you like in it. If the component is left without content nothing will be dispalyed. If the component is deleted the site will show 'Theme | Powered by GetSimple' again.

To get custom titles for SEO purposes just upload an activate the Custom Title plugin, then write your custom titles in Page Options. There is no need to edit the templates. If you don't activate the plugin html titles will be 'Page title - Site Name'.

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