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Last Updated: January 12, 2018
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Theme Description:

Skeleton-FX (Futured eXpandable) designed specifically for professional web designers.
Skeleton-FX - it is not just a simple theme, this PHP-HTML-CSS3 Framework with its own responsive grid system, animated multilevel drop-down menu and other necessary elements for the modern web design.
Theme Skeleton-FX packed with great features like:
1. Solid Core subsystem, which has three modules:
-its own responsive, mobile ready grid system;
-All needed Typography elements;
-Multilanguage animated multilevel drop-down menu + breadcrumbs (from own internal functions).
2. Advanced Features subsystem, which has five modules:
- Output Objects including CSS Accordion, Tabs and Tables elements;
- Image Tools including Image Gallery, Ken Burns and Parallax effects;
- Full featured two types Sliders with images, texts and navigation animations;
- Extended Elements suit which contain Alerts, Modal windows, Animated Blocks, ToolTips and cool Text Animation effects;
- Advanced Form Controls elements including CSS Buttons, Text Input Objects, Badges, Pagination, Progress Bars, Check & Radios and Animated Buttons.
3. Full featured Search engine and Contact pages.
4. All objects provided with detailed description and Source Code for easiest deploy, just copy needed element Source Code, paste it to your page and replace texts and images to your own.
Using this theme possibilities can be straightforward to create different levels of sites, from simple few pages sites to modern, full-featured portals.
These theme the main feature is that it completely does not use Javascript or jQuery. All elements presented on the Live Demo site (see link below) realized by using pure PHP-HTML-CSS capabilities. Therefore, sites realized on the basis of this theme will be lightweight and fast. Because the theme uses only one external source - minimized CSS file (style.css).
Themes expansion options and its appearance can be changed on the settings page. They are built using LESS system. You can at any time simple turn on the required or turn off redundant opportunity. And then generate a new style sheets CSS file (minimized or not). All themes structure elements appearance can be changed using the LESS variables, which are defined in the main file (variables.less). All elements LESS files can be also edited on the settings page in the special LESS graphic Editor.
More detailed description and downloadable source can be find on my site (see it LIVE):

Install Instructions:

Version 0.1.1 Changes:
1. Add Multilanguage support. Just install "i18nbase" plugin and create Multilanguage pages. For menu items and breadcrumbs outputs, Theme use own internal functions. So "i18nnavigation" plugin install not needed.
1.1 Theme comes with 3 prepared translation files: English, Russian and Lithuanian. 2. Improved internal Search engine:
2.1 Improved Search page provided information: On top displayed searched keywords; Removed short-codes and illegal characters; Improved text Excerpt mechanism.
2.2 To the upper right Search field add submit button for mobile users convenience.
3. In the Theme settings page insert a new management area "Search settings" which has 5 fields:
2.1 "Always use internal Search function" - if checked will be used Internal Search function, even if on site is installed "i18n_search" plugin.
2.2 "Search the keywords in the 'Meta' fields" (if checked search try to find also in the "Tags & Keywords" and "Meta Description" fields).
2.3 "Open the found page in a new tab" (if checked found link will be opened in the new Tab).
2.4 "Search keywords condition (logical AND)" - if checked search try to find whole row of keywords, if unchecked search try to find each keyword separately.
2.5 "Search Page excerpt size (in symbols)" - you can change Excerpt value, if empty used default value 200 characters.
4. In the installation archive "plugins" folder was added modified "i18n-lang-menu" plugin which is specially adapted for this theme.

Version 0.1.1 Changes:
a. Fix mobile menu showing problem if "Extend CSS" module is not turned on. Change mobile drop-down menu icons to arrow-to-bottom (for Expand) and arrow-to-top (for Collapse).
b. To the Context menu Top level labels add tool-tips (Expand-Collapse). This words can be translated to other languages.

c. To the plugin "i18n-lang-menu" (included to the theme installation) add check for "i18n" plugin is installed and turned on.

Installation instructions:

  1. Download and unzip the archive folder "theme/Skeleton-FX" to your sites "theme" folder. Activate theme.
  2. Additionally, in order to achieve the theme settings page unzip the archive plugins directory content to the site folder "plugins". Activate "Theme_Settings" plugin. You can edit the settings on tab Theme -> Configure Theme. If this plugin not activated - theme will work without them with default settings.

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