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Category: Theme
Compatible with: GetSimple 3.3 - 3.3

Last Updated: August 9, 2015
Tags: Theme single page one page dark responsive
Author: vallhund
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Theme Description:

An unusual (for GetSimple) theme with sliding pages. Best suited for portfolios and personal sites.
Content of all pages is combined into one page and then visually separated into horizontal slides.



  • No reloading
  • Navigation is animated
  • Responsive
  • Skinnable


  • I18N plugin required not any more since 0.6
  • First (zero) slide is the landing page, not the index page of your site. You easily can switch off landing page by selecting template-flat.php for your index page.
  • Only pages that are included in menu are displayed
  • Not very good for bigger sites because all pages load at once and all menu items are always visible by design


version 0.6 (09.08.15)
- removed the I18N plugin dependency
- external links to particular pages are handled correctly (corresponding slide is shown)
- some options added (change selectors, customize transitions, etc)
- style and layout even more separated
- other minor fixes

version 0.5 (22.12.14)
- added missing get footer tag (template.php)
- fixed mobile version behaviour

Install Instructions:

As usual: unzip to /themes/ folder and select SkrollrGS in admin.

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