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    Thread: easy-contactform
Post: RE: easy-contactform

multicolor Wrote: (2020-05-31, 03:47:45) -- Domi Wrote: (2020-05-30, 18:22:27) -- Hi, can someone give me a functional example of easy-contactform ? do I need to create a page ? but there is no t...
bafrali55 Plugins 5 6,665 2020-07-23, 00:32:36
    Thread: Spam/Advertising on the Add—ons page
Post: Spam/Advertising on the Add—ons page

please delete the page. this includes spam / advertising and no addon (
bafrali55 General Questions and Problems 0 1,750 2020-04-10, 17:35:46
    Thread: My SMTP Contact
Post: RE: My SMTP Contact

what do I have to or how do I have to enter the server for it to work. with STARTTLS starttls: // ??? How do you enter that?
bafrali55 Plugins 27 25,660 2020-04-03, 08:44:33
    Thread: Easy_ContactForm
Post: RE: Easy_ContactForm

Thanks for the plugin it loads CSS file but JS file not. I got in theme get_footer (); available. Without the JS file, it will not send. is something wrong with my site or what can be the error? Ca...
bafrali55 Plugins 19 18,155 2020-04-01, 22:53:46
    Thread: Popup plugin
Post: RE: Popup plugin

very nice addon/plugin. Thank you for this plugin. how do i enter the date? Or can I just give the number of days? that it brings again after x days. 2 options are ideal. 1. number of days for ...
bafrali55 Plugins 19 18,799 2020-03-31, 07:49:04
    Thread: Gallery_folder (easy gallery plugin)
Post: RE: Gallery_folder (easy gallery plugin)

Unfortunately it does not work. I have uploaded the files to uploads/gallery does not show. Also in uploads/gallery/folder ??? Uploaded again does not show. the code shows in the page ($ gallery_fo...
bafrali55 Plugins 5 6,446 2020-03-23, 09:56:46
    Thread: 3.3.16 Release
Post: RE: 3.3.16 Release

Hi @shawn_a thanks for the update and provision of the cms. I have inserted the Turkish letters, can you please also insert in the all language file for the next update or separate file for the spec...
bafrali55 General Questions and Problems 10 11,343 2020-03-16, 07:33:30
    Thread: Logo und Header
Post: RE: Logo und Header

Ich würde dir empfehlen bei der jetzige Seite den untergrund oder Background von navigation dunkler machst. Dass man die Menüprunkte besser erkennen kann. Sonst sieht es sehr nett aus.
bafrali55 German - Deutsch 3 4,848 2020-03-11, 06:58:26
    Thread: update von 3.3.15 auf 3.3.16 ???
Post: update von 3.3.15 auf 3.3.16 ???

Hallo Es steht wahrscheinlich irgendwo stehen aber weil vieles auf Englisch ist verstehe ich nicht so wirklich. Kann mir bitte jemand schreiben wie man diesen update macht das es problemlos funk...
bafrali55 German - Deutsch 1 3,332 2020-03-11, 06:53:36
    Thread: UPDATES 2019!
Post: RE: UPDATES 2019!

Hello shawn_a I find GS very nice and simple CMS. Thank you for the hard work and the GS. These are the extensions that I use. anonymous_data.php Facebook sidebar GetSimple Contact Grid Me (cont...
bafrali55 Announcements 47 64,799 2020-03-05, 12:20:01
    Thread: I18N Gallery
Post: RE: I18N Gallery

First of thanks for the plugin and cms. it is great. Excuse my English.  I would like to use s3slider width at 100% and not px. how can I do that best? is the further development of cms and plugins...
bafrali55 Plugins 1,501 3,739,665 2018-01-20, 05:03:50