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p01-Contact - Captcha field shows alt text "CAPTCHA image" only
A new/clean install of the excellent p01-contact plugin, call the plugin with simple "(% contact %)" from a page.
The contact form shows well, I've changed the CSS for width etc but I can't seem to get the CAPTCHA image to show. I've found a couple of posts that refer to the .htaccess contents in the 'p01-contact/captcha' folder, but of course this is there by default now.

So I would appreciate any ideas. Could it be a permissions issue on a folder perhaps?

trafford Wrote:Could it be a permissions issue on a folder perhaps?
Perhaps. What are the permissions on the folder?
Check paths to captcha inside p01C files.
I remember I had to fix them once long time ago, but since there I use the same version and can't tell you where it was exactly.
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Hi and thanks for your replies.

yojoe, I downloaded a theme demo that came with a working p01-Contact plugin. I've set all the file permissions to be exactly the same as this installation (on the same server) and there was no change.

Mark, the path set into the variable ( define('CAPTCHAPATH', $dir . '/captcha/'); ) is exactly right and comparing the two installation paths at runtime (working and not working) there's no difference, except the website folder.

I tried installing afresh, new website path, but no change

But at least I have a working version and I plan to determine the difference and post the answer here when I find out.


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