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Skeleton FX Theme
(2018-01-20, 18:01:48)Arugula Wrote: ( Also, for your use and info:  in English, on Windows Computer systems, 'Context Menu' means the menu that pops up whenever you right-click on something.   It's part of MS Windows and the browser, and no website can effect it.   The sidebar nav menu in your theme is just called a 'sidebar menu'.  Calling it a 'context menu' was a bit confusing when I read your site's tutorials.)

Once again, I can not agree with you.
For two reasons:
1. As I wrote in the tutorial on my site this menu type (Context menu) can be placed everywhere on the web page, not just on the Sidebar. Therefore, renaming it to the "Sidebar menu" will also be inappropriate.
2. Look at the "The Collaborative International Dictionary of English" you can find that:
"Con text, n. [L. contextus; cf. F. contexte .] The part or parts of something written or printed, as of Scripture, which precede or follow a text or quoted sentence, or are so intimately associated with it as to throw light upon its meaning..."

This menu is just that kind, it is closest to this description. This is a dynamically changing menu items depending on the context you select.
Thank you again for helping to improve Skeleton-FX theme.
Hello Andrejus,
I have some ideas for a larger for-pay code project, that I'll be sending to your email in the next couple of weeks, if you're interested.  
In the meantime, there were a couple small bugs/or problems here I thought I could fix myself, but failed:
1.  one of the variables.less doesn't work.
If you change it to:  @menu-font-color: #000000;  
It has no effect, continues to show font at a hard to see #444.  So I went through main.less, the menu section, changing various places that said "color:" But none of them changed anything.
2.  I was editing the theme by removing from the header the search bar and site title and slogan, so that I could then center the logo-image at the top.  
The normal way to center it would be to edit the main.less for
.logo-image {
      /**removed:    float: left;     **/
   margin-left: auto;
   margin-right: auto;    
But this fails.   Any ideas on how to center it?
In any case, I'll be emailing you a project soon.
Thanks for all.
(PS:  I just now saw your last post.  Perhaps 'Child Menu' might have been the best term, to keep it from being confused with the normal Windows 'Context Menu'; however, this doesn't really matter, and of course you can leave it if that's what you prefer. )
Hello Andrejus,
I see that the forum is at last up and working again. It has been down every time I checked these last weeks.
As mentioned, I was asking if you do some paid work-for-hire projects, concerning custom extending your themes and plugins. But these last weeks as I've been experimenting and editing the code, I've become more confused with it, and so for now, I'm switching to an easier/simpler theme, as I am still learning css. It's best for me to start simple and work my way up.
Also I noticed another issue/bug:
The theme interferes with my most needed/useful firefox addon: 'ScrollAnywhere by Juraj'. That addon from allows scrolling through long pages easily with the mouse. But on pages that use this theme, the page will hardly scroll at all. I have no idea why, but it's only when this theme is activated.
In any case, I like how you did the responsive menus without any js. And I thank you for all your plugin contributions to getsimple.
Where did your paypal button go? I'd like to make a donation for your help...
(2018-04-13, 08:33:51)Arugula Wrote: Where did your paypal button go? I'd like to make a donation for your help...

I do not include this button on the FrontPages. But you can find it on theme administration page on the bottom.
Or you can use this link:
Thank you for donation. Andrejus.

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