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Link to onsite dir & index.htm page
Quote:Hi jw,

The uploads directory has a default .htaccess (which you can also view on Github). 
In fact if you look at line 30, that might be the problem. You mentioned index.htm, and the <FilesMatch> has a DENY rule for files ending in .htm. So you'll either have to adjust the regex (e.g. remove all the [mM] blocks), or adjust your index files to have the .html extension instead (which is, remarkably, not affected by the directive).

Depending on your Apache version (2.2- vs. 2.4+), and whether you have mod_access_compat enabled, you might need to do couple of tweaks. For more details, you can read this issue about htaccess config in GetSimpleCMS.

Thanks Tyblitz, that was the problem...

I just commented out all the deny and the htm & php work.
I'll come back later and figure out how to make it a case by
case basis for the desired directory.

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