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Will there be an update for "Multi User"?
Dear GS friends!

I really like GetSimple as one of the best lightweight CMS I've seen so far, thanks for all the effort to make it possible.

The concern:

In my opinion a user/permission management is an essential function for productive use of a CMS in professional projects.

I used the "Multi User" plugin until now, but I'm a bit worried about the future - the plugin hasn't been updated since many years and it might run out of PHP compatibility some day.

(Correct me if this is nonsense - I can't really judge it. But in the last year I had to skip some older plugins developed on PHP 5.X (or tried to fix them with my limited php skills) that didn't run without warnings in PHP 7.1 - or deactivate PHP warnings as a temporary solution.)

Would anyone be willing to update "Multi User" or create something similar?
(I really would do it by myself if I could!)

Alternatively a basic rights management might be implemented into the CMS Core. (Still posted this in "Feature Requests")

Thank you and best regards!!

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Will there be an update for "Multi User"? - by Holger - 2019-01-14, 11:07:50

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