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Is Get Simple really all its cracked up to be?
(2020-09-18, 11:56:51)shawn_a Wrote: Where do you expect these "posts" to come from?, cause both news manager and i18n do this..

These will be written in the back end by 'creating a new post'. I have to find some way of then plugging in the list of posts in the sidebar without having to use any GS templates. Then on clicking one of the sidebar post excerpts it takes you to the full post or expands the post to fill the sidebar completely.

I may have found a solution external to GS. I found a news script from that seems to do exactly what I want, apart from putting the post in its own page. It just expands the post in the sidebar. Which seems to be enough actually.

ALL the GS plugins (and GS itself) suffer from:

1) lack of clear instructions with examples
2) lack of developement or participation by the plug in developers in forum questions
3) takes forever to get any questions answered (Carlos never answered a question I had about his plug in and I posted that question over a month ago)
4) lack of forum participation (getting 2-3 people to respond in all the posts I have put up is not exactly inspiring confidence in using the GS system)

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