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Get simple 3.3.16 support for php 8.0
(2022-11-18, 23:12:15)multicolor Wrote:
(2022-11-18, 22:03:23)maur Wrote:
(2022-11-18, 20:44:25)islander Wrote: Looks like that plugin will need updating.

I have examined the simple_input_tabs plugin.
The problem lies with the use of the get_magic_quotes_gpc() function; PHP says that 'this function has been DEPRECATED as of PHP 7.4.0, and REMOVED as of PHP 8.0.0.'

I will have to deactivate this plugin or modify the code.

i fixed and added to repo - you can download.

or zip
Thanks for the input.

In the mean time I have modified the code in simple_input_tabs.php myself simply by deleting the function get_magic_quotes_gpc() on line 768.
get_magic_quotes_gpc() has been useless ever since PHP 5.4.0. Ref.:
So deleting that function does not diminish security in GS.

I have tested it in php 8.0.25 on my webhost (live) with DEBUG ON and it works.

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