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Under-construction plugin (ongoing development)
Hi all !

I try to develop a plugin to make a site under construction.

For this, I wish to add a checkbox in the settings tab in the admin panel. I know how to add this in the theme tab but not in the settings tab.

Is there a specific way to do that ? Specific variable when registering the plugin with register_plugin function ?

I will create a specific template in the plugin folder when the site is under construction, I don't know how the plugin can interact with the 'core' to show that the site is under construction or not. I would like some advice on this specific point.

Thanks for your help. I will have many questions later, but I really want to develop it alone. I just need some informations and advices.

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Under-construction plugin (ongoing development) - by didou038 - 2012-04-16, 02:16:59

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