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features towards theme creators
shawn_a Wrote:Why can't you make a plugin for your theme, that handles all that ?
Like innovation does.
I was thinking about solving it this way. But in my opinion such approach discords the whole idea of theme creation, as this requires programming skills from designers and coders. And if CMS doesn't offer such features natively, it can't be widely used by other contributors in a simple and understandable way.

Quote:Can you explain what you would need in core to do these advanced themes as you say ?
For example
Ability to set default language has been asked dozen times, among the others for login purposes.
The $lang variable has to be put somewhere manually (in most cases in gsconfig), thus I proposed to at least add it as an optional feature in gsconfig.
But now I think that an input field to set default CMS lang on settings page would be a better way. It even could be filled automatically, base on the chosen language during installation.

Quote:The ability to register components through theme template files.
I can't find a viable solution basing on current GS functionality.
Components would have to offer wysiwyg editor to make their content usable as text inside page's content.
For example in slideshows builtin' to template. That's why normal pages are the way to go atm.
But still I can't imagine how could I implement an automatic page creation in template w/o making a plugin, by the way turning a full circle in this whole matter.
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