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Slugs in servers with no mb_* functions
It seems GS has trouble creating slugs if your server does not have the multibyte extension (mb_* functions) and you use non US-ASCII latin characters (á, è, ...) in your page titles.

Suggested patch:

Edit /admin/inc/basic.php, find this (around line 62):
PHP Code:
function to7bit($text,$from_enc="UTF-8") {
        if (
function_exists('mb_convert_encoding')) {
$text mb_convert_encoding($text,'HTML-ENTITIES',$from_enc);

Just after that, in line 66, insert this:

PHP Code:
$text htmlspecialchars_decode(utf8_decode(htmlentities($textENT_COMPAT'utf-8'false))); 

...just before this:

PHP Code:
$text preg_replace

Now you should be able to use a title like Déjà vu, and the page slug will be deja-vu (and saved as deja-vu.xml, not as d%C3%A9j%C3%A0-vu.xml).

(Ref: )


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