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Maralinga Theme
Uploaded to Extend
    This is an old free template. It's responsive (or at least 'fluid') and very light in filesize. Clear and easy to read. Nice neutral colours. I had a use for it, maybe someone else will, but it isn't state-of-the-art web design.

The original free template was called 'Blasphemy' which I thought was a rubbish name so I renamed it 'Maralinga' after the Nuclear test site in the Australian desert.

The original template demo is here:

If you don't want the sidebar content under the main menu you can just delete the component 'sidebar'. Deleting the tagline component isn't quite so tidy but it won't do any harm.

I made the body min-width 640px so it should work on an iphone but the layout was breaking at narrower widths.

The original template had three button links top right and the main site navigation in the sidebar. You could consider it an alternative nav menu location, or use it for 2 level heirarchical nav with the main pages at the top and the sub pages in the sidebar.

A good theme for a large number of text pages clearly displayed I think, or a blog with archives and categories.

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