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My Impressions
I have tried GetSimple for the firs time a few days ago, and I am more than satisfied. Excellent small but powerful CMS with limited features (unfortunately...) but nevertheless usable for most small websites.

What is absolutely annoying are third party plugins extremely poorly described without any example, ergo, unusable.
For example, I would like to set my web site to display only a few lines of every new article, and after clicking on "read more" link to expand to whole post.
I suspect that plugin called "Pages excerpts" will do the job.
I have set it up on my web site, and now... what???? Huh

Description says " echo page_excerpt('index', 60, 'html');" !!!
Is this the right syntax? Where to put it ??? in template?? on my page???

Who the fuck knows !!!

And this is only example. Every other plugin was the same, description is unusable, and there is no example.

Very annoying

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