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p01-contact : simply add contact forms in your pages
Dear Nicolas,

at first many thanks for this great Plugin!

But I've found a little bug in your Plugin.

I made the following default form:
radio! "Ja, ich möchte am 4. August 2012 teilnehmen auf der"= "25 km Strecke" | "21 km Strecke" | "8 km Strecke",
radio! "Ich" = "laufe" | "fahre Rad" | "mache Nordic Walking/Wandern",
select = "Frau" selected | "Herr",
name!, text! "Vorname: ",
text "Ggf. Verein: ",
text! "Alter: ",
text! "Straße, Nr. ",
text! "PLZ: ",
text! "Ort: ",
checkbox =  "Ich bin damit einverstanden, dass mein Name auf der Teilnahmeliste veröffentlicht wird.",

The bug comes with the checkbox, where it is not possible to write a comma within the sentence. The result you can the at the attached image.

I've spend many time to find the reason of this bug and find out that the responsible part is the regular expression which is stored in $param_pattern (line 90 in p01-contact.php), cause after the function call in line 115 the sentence of the checkbox will be damaged.
In all other form-parts the comma within a sentence is no problem, you can see it also on the image.

It will be very great if you can fix this bug, because regular expressions are to complicated for my little brain! ;-)
Wer nicht überzeugen kann sollte wenigstens Verwirrung stiften!

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