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p01-contact : simply add contact forms in your pages
Hi all,

There is the 1.0 beta to try! Smile
The choice I made is to bring this script to the creation of any type of forms. It is therefore inherently more complex, but hopefully always as easy to use.

This release is a beta version, don't use it in any production site.

There is some new things :
  • The forms actions are now separated functions and files, called by p01-contact main object, like "plugin plugins". There is actually one action available : "send_mail" (send a mail with form answers to recipients), but anything can be developped now (polls, newsletters, comments...).

  • You can hide every fields by using "?", like : subject? = hidden subject
    An hidden field is invisible for user but its data can be used.

  • Multipart/alternative mail content. The send_mail action send a plain text and an html version of the mail.

  • Checklists can be defined as blacklist or whitelist.

  • New translations.

p01-contact forms actions principe :

To create a new action "my_new_action" :
- Create a function "my_new_action($form)" in the new file :
$form is a p01contact_form object who contain every data of the sended form. There is actually no documentation (but all is commented), so you need to search by yourself for now.
- Set the action (where you call $p01contact, before parsing) with :

p01-contact analyse tags, create forms, check sended datas, etc... and call one action.

The 1.0 :
I will launch the 1.0 release after your returns on the action system, when the most important bugs will be fixed and when the languages still partially translated (Spanish,
Swedish, Lithuanian) will be complete.

I hope you will like it!

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