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A number of questions pop up whenever the subject of e liquid is mentioned, common among them: what is e liquid?, what is in e liquid?, what is vape juice made of? you name it.

Worry no more, for this is what our post today is all about.

Before we move on though, it would ease matters to point out that ‘vape juice’ is just another term for e liquid, or e juice, or e cig liquid. So, what is vape juice? This is simply the liquid that fuels an electronic cigarette. An ‘electronic cigarette’ used in this concept to mean cig-alikes, personal vaporizers and mech mods.
How it Works
E liquid in e-cigarettes takes the role of the tobacco in regular cigarettes, minus the combustion. Housed in the cartridge or tank, the atomizer heats the liquid which delivers the sensation and feel of smoking.

The juice is arguably the most important component of an electronic cigarette because you can have the best e-cig but without quality e-juice, you won’t get the best vapor taste, flavor and throat hit you are after.
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What is in e cig liquid?

Compared to combustible tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes contain only a handful of ingredients. These are:

Propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG)
1. Propylene Glycol
Propylene glycol is the more popular of the two liquid diluents. It is relatively thin in consistency, and has more fluidity than vegetable glycerin. As a result, the polyfill fabric inside the cartomizer absorbs it more easily.

The low density nature of the juice means slime doesn’t build up on the e-cig’s heating element as quickly as it does on the thicker VG juice. Propylene glycol is odorless and tasteless and this ensures it doesn’t interfere with the overall flavor of the e-juice in any way. It is a strong humectant which means it will dry your mouth and throat if used consistently. It also boasts a stronger throat hit as found in regular cigarettes and this trait makes it a darling of those looking to ditch smoking.

Some electronic cigarette users have complained of allergic reactions to PG and these range from minor (tingling sensation in the throat for example) to serious irritations on various parts of the body. You are advised to immediately cease use should you experience unusual symptoms and switch to vegetable glycerin.

2. Vegetable Glycerin
This is a significantly thicker solution when compared to PG. While propylene glycol is tasteless, vegetable glycerin has a slight sweet taste which results in a sweeter e-liquid but also serves to mask the flavors making them harder to pick out.

As pointed out, PG can give some vapers a dry mouth something VG doesn’t do. However, there are some who have complained of phlegm building up in their throat after using VG-based liquids which also give less throat hit compared to propylene glycol.

The high consistency nature of VG juices results to more vapor and this, coupled with less throat hit, makes it a favorite of cloud chasers and vapers who prefer something less potent. Additionally, allergic reactions are less pronounced as they are with PG.

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