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Finding e-mail address within site config
First - A disclaimer.  I'm not a web-designer.  I can't code.  I have a general understanding of HTML, and enough knowledge to look up and implement answers when I'm stuck - most of the time.  I'm between jobs right now, so I'm helping my wife's friend update her non-profit website.

(Yeah, it's the same disclaimer I posted on my previous thread, but it still applies)


The site owner has asked that we switch the company e-mail address from * to an e-mail in the domain on which the site is hosted.  I've been looking through wiki pages for a while to no avail.  I successfully logged into - but I can find nothing concerning creating e-mail accounts, or even viewing those which have already been configured.

I've clicked the domain name dropdown in the upper-right, and checked Settings - nothing about e-mail addresses there.  I tried "Domains" on the far left menu, and found nothing.  Where should I be looking?  I don't know what tier of service she has, but even the bottom-most tier comes with one e-mail address.  Why can't I find any mention of it on the site?

Many thanks.
Your question is way outside the scope of GetSimple and this forum.

If you can't find something on this Gandi doc page, then you'll have to speak to Gandi support.
Appreciated; thanks for the link!
Yeah sounds like a hosting question
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