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Looking for a GetSimple developer
(Mods - hope I can post this here - delete if not and pls point me in the right direction if needed.)

I've enjoyed using GS to rebuild one of my sites (, and although I used to build my sites from scratch in html, I've learnt that my tech skills are not good enough to do the next one  Confused

So I'm looking for a student or someone looking for a GS project. I can pay but not a lot. And I'd rather work with someone I can eyeball (I live in Hampshire, UK).

If you are interested (and if this is the right place to ask) then here are the details:

The brief:
  • Rebuild with a GS version that I can host myself  
  • I host it right now on WIX and hate it
  • The site pays for itself (hosting costs basically) by using minimal AdSense ads that are not intrusive
  • The site needs to be responsive (work on desktop/mobile anyway) and use the adsense responsive units (Wix doesn't do this properly)
  • The site need to be easy to maintain as I add new content every few days (a bind on Wix, OK on GS)
  • The site needs to be free apart from hosting costs (unlike Wix) - this is why I like GS
  • The content will be exactly what is there now
  • The design I'm open to suggestions - what is there now is not necessary something to copy.

I can provide more details as required. Please get in touch if you are interested in helping out.

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