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QUESTION Massiv Static Content Import

As a new GS user, I'm asking about :

How to import (many) HTML contents without the need of GS gui to create/edit each page one by one ?

Before asking here, I've been searching the wiki and the forum without answer.

I've tried to directly create/edit XML file in ./data/pages/

Then when I go back to the gui,
I can see the new page in the list
but a banner says "the page do not exist"
and there is no way to edit it from here.

Something (security?) is blocking that way to add contents,
is there some way to override that ?

Thanks for help.
You have to delete data/other/pages.xml, or make any update on any page (even with no changes), so that the page index is refreshed.

Thanks for help

I don't know what is wrong but neither deleting data/other/pages.xml or editing other page,
has fixed the error banner / unblocking the page Sad(

Where should I look up now ?
Are you sure that the page xml file has been properly created? Has it got all required fields, like <url>slug</url>?
I don't know what was wrong, but I've deleted the first intend and redo some new xml file by the same way (copying + editing existent one) and now it works.

Carlos, thanks again for your help.

Do you know if there is some plugin to manage this kind of imports ?
(2018-10-18, 07:37:33)nh3oh Wrote: Do you know if there is some plugin to manage this kind of imports ?

I don't know, sorry. But I think there isn't any.

[edit] I found this:
But the script is no longer available Undecided

[edit2] The script can be found here:
(But maybe it's not what you're looking for)
I added some experimental thing in 3.4 to allow copy renaming files, and it will auto rewrite the xml to match filename.
Is that what you mean ?
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