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Massmail plugin info
Oleg posted in the Mld Newsletter plugin topic about a mailing plugin that is not listed in Extend:

I checked it out and it seams to work, although it's pretty basic.

The en_US.php language file is overwritten with Russion language for some reason, so I translated it back to English. Since the plugin isn't in extend, I just post the translation here:
PHP Code:
* @File: en_US.php
* @Package: GetSimple Mass Mail Plugin
* @Subject: English language file
* @Date: 31 May 2010
* @Revision: 31 May 2010
* @Version: GetSimple 2.1
* @Status: Beta
* @Traductors: Alexander Bцrjesson (ATB CONSULTING)

$i18n['MM_SUBSCRIBE'] = 'Subscribe';
$i18n['MM_PLACEHOLDER'] = 'Enter your email address';
$i18n['MM_SENDMAILTOALL'] = 'Send to all subscribers';
$i18n['MM_SENDMAIL'] = 'Email text';
$i18n['MM_NEWSLETTERFROM'] = 'Newsletter from ';
$i18n['MM_OF'] = 'of';
$i18n['MM_MAILWASSENTTO'] = 'Email was send to subscribers ';
$i18n['MM_SUBSCRIBERS'] = 'Subscribers';
$i18n['MM_DATE'] = 'Date';
$i18n['MM_EMAIL'] = 'Email address';
$i18n['MM_COMMASEPARATED'] = 'Recipients';
$i18n['MM_NOREGSUBSCRIBERS'] = 'No registered subscribers';
$i18n['MM_EMAILWRONGFORMAT'] = 'Incorrect e-mail address';
$i18n['MM_EMAILALLREADYREG'] = 'E-mail is already registered';
$i18n['MM_YOUARENOWSUBSCRIBER'] = 'You are now a subscriber';
$i18n['MM_EMAILSTATUS'] = 'E-mail status';
$i18n['MM_SUBJECT'] = 'Subject';
$i18n['MM_SUBJECTANDMESSAGE'] = 'You must specify both subject and message'

Also in file gs_massmail.php the following line (line 48) should be changed:
PHP Code:
<p><input type="submit" class="button" value="Подписаться" id="add-receiver" name="add-receiver" /></p
PHP Code:
<p><input type="submit" class="button" value="<?php echo $i18n['MM_SUBSCRIBE']?>" id="add-receiver" name="add-receiver" /></p

And to make the (CK)editor turn up in English, change (line 71):
PHP Code:
if (defined('GSEDITORLANG')) { $EDLANG GSEDITORLANG; } else { $EDLANG 'ru'; } 

PHP Code:
if (defined('GSEDITORLANG')) { $EDLANG GSEDITORLANG; } else { $EDLANG 'en'; } 

Optionally you can add file browser support (so you can browse to files inside the GS file browser and add them):

Change (line 99):
PHP Code:
       <?php echo $toolbar?>
PHP Code:
       <?php echo $toolbar?>
 <?php echo $EDOPTIONS?>,
 filebrowserBrowseUrl : 'filebrowser.php?type=all',
 filebrowserImageBrowseUrl : 'filebrowser.php?type=images' 
(keep everything under it in tact)

I think the email shows the images on the webpage instead of adding them as files to the email (and creating false website traffic), so that might or might not what you want.

To make the plugin work properly, you first have to create a form on a page via code:
PHP Code:
<?php if (function_exists('get_mass_mail_form')) { get_mass_mail_form();} ?>
(directly in a template or putting it in a component and then put the component in a page with Dynpages plugin).
after filling in the first email address in that form you see in the admin interface (Plugins -> Mass mailing) an editor window to write an email.

Alternatively you could go to GS folder /data/other, create file massmail.xml and put in it:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
(this is also the only place where you can remove email adresses) Confused
Thanks, I corrected. I reworked it for myself. Now and images can choose.
Btw. there's a readme.txt included in the zip that is from a different plugin (MetaRobots).
(2019-03-06, 21:39:57)datiswous Wrote: Btw. there's a readme.txt included in the zip that is from a different plugin (MetaRobots).

I can not imagine how this could happen Smile Corrected.
I think this is the original topic:

The plugin creator probably had it posted in the tread as a file instead of in Extend. It might have been removed, or lost during transision to other forum software (?)
Works, but how to make it stay on page after pressing send or if u dont give email

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