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(WYSIWYG Editor) Images without <p>

I have a problem.

I have to give the text on the page a padding of 10px.
On the head of the content part there is an image which should not get the padding.

So if I go in the editor, click source and delete the <p> and update then some text, the editor makes automatically a new <p> around it.

How to avoid that on images?

I had the idea to solve this problem with css, but it does not work:
#content p{

#content p img{

Please help me Smile


[Image: screenzf7b.png]
I didn't try it myself, but I have found some ways out in Russian Inet, I guess it will help you out. As long as I understand it, you should manually change some lines in some files of the ckeditor

Do it at your own risk :-))
Then it might be useful for you to visit Drupal forums. Drupal guys bump into this problem as well, they could have solved the problem already

in fckconfig.js

FCKConfig.EnterMode = 'p' ; // p | div | br
FCKConfig.ShiftEnterMode = 'br' ; // p | div | br

change for

FCKConfig.EnterMode = 'br' ; // p | div | br
FCKConfig.ShiftEnterMode = 'p' ; // p | div | br

Just to add
if you use STRICT <!DOCTYPE> <img> tag must be enclosed into block-level elements like <p> or <div>.

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