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Permission Errors
I am still not able to just upload the folder files to my server and do an install. I have still not discovered which file is causing the permission issues, but when I CHMOD everything to 777 (I know I know... it's not safe) but it is the ONLY way I can install and use GetSimple. Any help on this issue would be great... then I can proceed to creating more themes with it to release.
You know, I've seen other install apps ask that you CHMOD folders to 777 (punBB actually said it when I installed it last night) - there must be a reason some hosts require this... punBB is mature enough of an application that if it didn't need 777, it wouldn't ask for it. just my thought though....
- Chris
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it honestly sounds like the owner/group might be getting screwed up. Is this a self hosted server or through godaddy or something?
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