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A modified GS_Comments
I've made some changes to the GS_Comments plugin originally by Fabio Mariottini, and with form validation added by Oleg.

Unfortunately I've changed things round enough that it's not compatible with the original, although an upgrader ought to be possible. As my second attempt wiped out my original test data and left me with a nice blank slate I gave up on trying to include an automatic migration path.

Installation is the usual unpack the Zip and put the contents in the plugins folder. It wants some directories setting up and resources files moving, but it will try to do that itself. There's a ReadMe in the sub-directory giving details and a quick run through of the configuration options.

If no-one finds any hideous problems or seriously objects to my resources/ structure ( suggestion I'll put it in the Extend repository at some point, in the mean time it's attached...


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