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Search plugin (I18N)
Is there a simple way to generate *link(s) only* for first (or all) search result(s)
The idea is that a link to an anchor, e.g., in a(n 18n) faq, requires intricate matching between the link(s) and the target anchor.
A more robust way would be to make a call such as
<a href="(% searchresult tags=faq words='phrase_to_be_found,phrase2' link %)">wordToBeClarified</a>
or (using n00dles' link shortcode)
[link src="(% searchresult tags=faq words='phrase_to_be_found,phrase2' link %)"]wordToBeClarified[/link]
Or, better yet, has anyone made a component to do something similar?
I know, the ultimate way is to use return_searchresult and handle the search results with a component to extract the exact call, but I don't want to lose the highly appreciated i18n_search marked results in the i18n_faq -- and maybe somewone has already invented this wheel.
Please forgive me for asking without reading all 26 forum pages on i18n_search.
(a more hierarchical support forum with solutions for each subtopic could simplify the search for solutions)

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