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GS Developer Services ?
Hello GS community,
I am searching for help on GS,
> technical PHP developer for making Plugins, or modifying existing ones,

is there anyone who can offer professional services here ?
best regard from France
I just saw your website, it looks good.
Did you find a php plugin developer ?
What projects are you working on lately ?
hi, it has been 8 months i asked, so i found two developpers now.
I work on several projects, and i always try to improve GS in a user-friendly way.
What are your hour fee just in case ?
Yes you are right, it has been 8 months but I haven't seen
your website before until today. It looks like you are seriously
building websites for clients.

Quote:i always try to improve GS in a user-friendly way.

Yes GS is very unique in ease of use in api, php, backend, for designers, coders and end users.
I tried dozens of other different cms systems, but I always return to GS.
Whenever I have time I will update GS/plugins to php.7.x
Maybe we can set something up to continue the GS legacy.

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