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Complex redirects

I'm the webmaster for, and I really like getsimple. I would love to use it for the sites I'm overseeing, but I need to know, before I continue, whether it would be possible to implement the redirect system our sites currently use.

Let me give you an example:

If you visit, and click on say, the Australian button in the sidebar, you're taken to a landing page for the Aussie GP. Now, this page has at the top its own sub-menu items (you're on now).
From here, if you click on, for instance, the 'Hotel Accommodation' button, you're taken to this URL:
Now, if you click on for instance the 'Home' button again, you'll be taken back to the site.

The system is set up to redirect between different pages for each site. One advantage that comes to mind is that there's less content to create, so dupe content isn't an issue.

Would getsimple be able to offer me this?

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