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Same Provider but I can't install...

first, I'm sorry for my english Smile

My problem is, that I have buy a webspace for a client at the same provider as my webspace is. On my webspace I can install GetSimple on the Client one not. The first time I had a blank screen. Then I've read that I have to delete in admin/inc/functions.php the line 42 an the following. Now I get the error message that there is not installed SimpleXML, but it is.

PHP Version 5.2.0-8+etch15 is installed an mod_rewrite is enabled.

The phpinfo() is attached as a PDF...

Could enyone help me?

Thank's a lot
ok I found the problem (I think). In install.php I had to change in line 44
if (! phpversion('SimpleXML')) {
if (! phpversion('simplexml')) {
maybe it could be better if GS test evry way of spelling (SimpleXML; Simplexml and simplexml)...

Thanks! I never thought of that. So it seems to be working for you now?
- Chris
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