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QUESTION How to protect a test installation via htpasswd?
Quote:First of all you have to contact support of your hoster

This was a direct hit. My hoster gives me a cPanel for configuring the webspace, and there I found a chapter for folder protection.

But: I switched it on and had the same effect as before with the .htaccess way: the sorry page.

I suppose it has something to do with the index.php file and perhaps with my specific .htaccess file. I have the rewrite engine on for URL's without .html and something like that.

Your points to check:

1. yes, I created it with an online generator, and I could not even reach the password input page

2. What do you mean by "goes inside a folder" and "put it above the web root"? The instructions I found all say the same, that the .htaccess file must be placed inside the folder which I want to protect.

3. Yes, I found out via a php file to show the path.

4. Yes, see my first post, but the path to the password file with "" around it.

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