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Automatic redirect of moved pages

I'd like to propose a feature:
Time to time i move the pages around hierarchical menu. When someone tries to acces the moved page via search engine or direct link, he gets "not found" error, because the page isn't there anymore. Logically, it is correct on all fronts but user's convenience...
Actually, the page is there, but it has changed it's address.
It's possible to overcome the issue with javascript redirect script in place of old page, but it's a bit cumbersome.

The preferred way is to either automatically create "forwarding" list when the page changes the address, or manually manage the list somewhere over admin panel. Maybe both ways...

Can't stop appreciating GetSimple, it's sooo good!
Check, if link juice helps you out a bit:

Das deutschsprachige GetSimple-(Unter-)Forum:
Well, this plugin is halfway there Smile
What is left is to create "old slug" - "new slug" array, maybe based on backups (or create own slug backups list)...

Nice, thanks!
Connie Wrote:Check, if link juice helps you out a bit:

Just what I have been looking for! Thanks for the link. Did not even know such a plugin exists! Big Grin

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