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I18n DeepL Page Translation
This plugin allows translation of GetSimple cms pages using the DeepL translation API.
It requires the i18n plugin.

The plugin is here: I18n DeepL Page Translation

The plugin creates new, translated pages on the Edit page, according to the i18n page structure of .

Attention: A DeepL Developer API account is required: See here, which has a monthly fee of currently 5.49 $ or 4.99 €.

  • Choose which fields you want to have translated, which html/xml tags will contain text not to translate, and which expressions and words shall never be translated
  • exclude placeholders {% xxx%}, (% xxx%), %xxx% from translation
  • configure a list of target languages and their respective slug extensions
  • supports all target languages offered by DeepL (source language is always auto-detected). When new languages will be added by DeepL, simply open the plugin configuration page once and the additional language will become available.

Supported Languages
This plugin works with all languages provided by DeepL.
As of 2020-08-30, DeepL supports the following languages:
English (British)
English (American)
Portuguese (European)
Portuguese (Brazilian)

When you are on the Edit page, you can either choose "Translate" from the options menu or "DeepL Translate Page" from the sidebar.

A dialog popup window will appear.

From the pulldown menu, choose the language you want the page to be translated to (You had previously defined the available selection in the plugin configuration) . The resulting page slug will be displayed, and you can choose whether you want to have a counter added to the slug in case the target language page already exists. Otherwise, an existing page will be overwritten.
After this, press "Translate".

A new machine-translated page will be created and saved, with all desired fields translated, and it will be presented in the Edit page.
Review and improve the translated content and all fields carefully and save again.

Unzip the zip file and upload the contents to the plugin directory.
Activate the plugin.

Then go to the Plugins Page and choose "Configure DeepL Translation" from the sidebar.
At first, you will have to enter the DeepL authenthication key you got with your DeepL API account and click "Save Settings".

After this, you will see all available languages, and you can configure all translation parameters according to your needs.
You should pay special attention to the slug configuration, as these shall reflect your multilanguage website slug structure.

After saving again, the plugin is ready for use.

This plugin is unofficial and is not provided by DeepL, and there are no relations or dependencies to DeepL.
Version 1.0.1.
Small size optimizations for the page translation request to DeepL (because they have a 30Kb limit).
A bugfix regarding debug output when creating a new page.
Removed screenshot image from zip.
Find it here: I18N Deepl Page Translation
Thanks for creating this plugin.
Is there a demo somewhere to see this plugin in action ?
Hi Felix,
no, unfortunately not.
This is because one needs a paid API account at DeepL, and I am not gonna publish my own one  ?
New: meanwhile there is the option to use a free account!

But this is how it goes:

After activating, go to Plugins page and choose "Configure DeepL Translation" on the right.

[Image: yvusrnmk.gif]

Enter your DeepL Authentication key here and "Save Settings".

Then you will see all options and available languages and will be able to configure them.

[Image: sniqs7nj.gif]

In this case, only (American) English, German, French, and Chinese languages are activated.
American English is the default language, so I deleted the automatic slug.

Furthermore, a custom field "headline2" shall also be translated.
And besides the usual suspects, there are two additional tags "x" (some xml) and "dt" (a html tag) that will have contents that I do not want to have translated.
So after finishing configuration, click "Save Settings" again.

When you want to have a page translated, you open it in the Edit page and then choose "DeepL translate Page" on the right menu.
You will see the following Popup:

[Image: t4id9h8y.gif]

("Batch files and the code page problem" is the page title.)
The four languages that were activated on the settings page (English, German, French, and Chinese) are now available from the pulldown menu.
After choosing the desired language, the full slug of the new page will be displayed.
Now just click "Translate".

When the machine translation has finished, you will again come to the Edit Page, but now you see the new, freshly translated page, it is already saved.
So you can inspect it carefully and save it again.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
In the meantime, Deepl has added 13 new languages.

So this plugin can translate to a whole lot of languages  now:

"BG" - Bulgarian
"CS" - Czech
"DA" - Danish
"DE" - German
"EL" - Greek
"EN-GB" - English (British)
"EN-US" - English (American)
"EN" - English (unspecified variant for backward compatibility; please select EN-GB or EN-US instead)
"ES" - Spanish
"ET" - Estonian
"FI" - Finnish
"FR" - French
"HU" - Hungarian
"IT" - Italian
"JA" - Japanese
"LT" - Lithuanian
"LV" - Latvian
"NL" - Dutch
"PL" - Polish
"PT-PT" - Portuguese (all Portuguese varieties excluding Brazilian Portuguese)
"PT-BR" - Portuguese (Brazilian)
"PT" - Portuguese (unspecified variant for backward compatibility; please select PT-PT or PT-BR instead)
"RO" - Romanian
"RU" - Russian
"SK" - Slovak
"SL" - Slovenian
"SV" - Swedish
"ZH" - Chinese

If you open the plugin's configuration page once, all these languages will be available.
No need to update the plugin!
New Version 1.0.2.
Supports free DeepL translation of i18n pages now

- Now able to use either a Free or a Pro DeepL Account for translation! See here : DeepL API Developer Accounts
- Problems acessing the language files
- Maintains MenuStatus of the translated page
- Other small fixes.

Here is the Plugin.
New Version 1.0.3.

A few optimisations and error display improvements.
Changed API formality handling from "more" and "less" to "prefer_more" and "prefer_less" (No UI changes).

And by the way, DeepL now also translates to and from Ukrainian.

Please find the Plugin here.

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