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Theme Developers - include header and footer hooks
Attention all theme developers.

To ensure your Themes function correctly with plugins please ensure you include

<?php get_header(); ?>

between your <head> tags.

And include before the end <body> tag

<?php get_footer(); ?>

These hooks are required by some plugins to function correctly.

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Which plugins require get_header()?
i8n definetly does, and i think all plugins which use jquery, javascript or css files need it also.

However, which ones use <?php get_ footer()>
get_header & get_footer trigger the theme_header & theme_footer hooks as of 3.0

Going forward with 3.1 they will also trigger script queuing for including javascripts/stylesheets with your plugins/themes.

we are asking they are included so we can be sure these 2 hooks are triggered.
There have been several problems with plugins on the forum that are down to theme_header not being called.
My Github Repos: Github
Website: DigiMute

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