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Work Flow Development
What Work Flow are you guys conducting to develop websites ?

Prototyping - SEO - Analytics ?
Wamp - Laragon - Uniform - Xamp ? Notepad++ for an editor ?

I like Laragon because I find it the fastest local server stack for developing websites.
Laragon is not only fast but it has also an easy interface that let's you add and switch
php versions quickly and easy.

Vagrant - Docker - Virtual Box - VMWare ?

At first sight it looks to me that Vagrant is good when coding and collaborating in a team of coders.
With Docker I have no experience.

I have tried out VirtualBox and VMWare but find VMWare clearly the fastest
and best for 3d and graphics.

So far my opinion is that when you are a Freelance Coder I see no advantage in Vagrant or Docker.
Working with your own set of virtual machines created with vmware or virtualbox makes a workflow
for a freelancer a lot more efficient and productive.

Did you know that you can download ready MicroSoft win10 images for VMWare and Virtual Box ?
Go here:

There are also many individuals who teach how to make your own debloated and fine tuned windows 10
and use that to build cool virtual machines. The results are more cool than working with linux.

There are 2 Tools out there to debloat and fine tune a windows 10 to your own custom needs:
1) ntlite
2) win toolkit

Just google and youtube for ntlite and win toolkit and just be amazed.
To be continued ....
Hi to all,

We all know that Vagrant and Docker and DevilBox, etc. etc. are used as environments for Web Development.
You can even work with (expensive) instances in clouds from Google, Oracle or AWS.
If you like to use those work flows, go ahead and use them.

Please don't write your replies here about Vagrant, Docker, Devilbox and all the others.
There are plenty of places on the internet where you can write replies about them.

This thread is about an alternative, practical and easy way to have your own Web Development environment,
locally - and portable - on your own LapTop and use GS to develop websites.

The idea here is to use your own set of virtual machines on your own laptop with VMWare,
as portable environments to do non destructive experiments, evaluate programs in a safe way,
learn and build websites with GS, webshops, webapps, etc.

Having it all in a portable way.

I found out about the Sandisk ultra flair usb 3.0 pendrive. These usb pendrives are really fast !
These Sandisks are fast enough to run your virtual machines directly from these pendrives.
So in this way they are perfect to store your virtual machines and run them on any laptop !
Install once - run everywhere !

I bought a few of these pendrives, you can buy a 64Gb for around 9 euros and a 128Gb one
for around 20 euros.

You can see them here:

Lately I have been testing a lot with:

- VMWare and Virtualbox local hypervisors
- Laragon, Wamp, UWamp, Zend and UniForm local development servers
- FireFox, Chrome, Maxthon, Cliqz, Brave, Iron, Palemoon, Slimjet and other Internet Browsers

I noticed that:

1) VMWare performs much better in speed and guest tools compared to VirtualBox
2) Laragon performs much better in speed and setup compared to the other local Servers
3) Epic Browser stand-alone version performs best compared to the other Browsers

So what are the Advantages of this work flow:

1. Work with your own set of Virtual Machines simply from a usb pendrive (fast sandisk)
2. Use them locally on your own laptop
3. Work with both Windows and Linux to get to know both worlds
4. Be more productive with the GS cms and build websites faster
5. With snapshots, build, destroy, rebuild non destructively as often as you want
6. Share your Virtual Machines with others
7. Keep everything portable on your own pendrive and use anywhere

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

To be continued,
Further evaluating VMWare and VirtualBox with different setups found out the following:

- I have noticed that windows 7 in a virtual machine runs very fast compared to windows 10
  The difference in working speed and responsiveness is huge.

- It will let you run a virtual windows 7 even on a cheaper usb pendrive with fat32
  and still have fast working speed and responsiveness.

The choice for building a VirtualMachine with the Get-Simple CMS will be Windows 7 and VirtualBox

a) Since Laragon, vcredist_x86_c++, Browsers, Notepad++ etc. etc. all work on Windows 7
b) Working speed and responsiveness is still fast with VirtualBox
c) VirtualBox is opensource

Something about the VirtualBox native vdi format and the vmdk format

The vdi file format only allows a single file setup which can grow into very big sizes.
Luckily VirtualBox also allows the vmdk file format:

- Allows the virtual machine setup to split over 2Gb files
- Makes the virtual machine also run from fat32 usb pendrives


Next week I will have ready a virtual machine with the get-simple cms
with laragon (php5.2 / php7.x / php8) and notepad++
Yes, Laragon is an amazing software for building and managing modern web applications. And it is a portable, isolated, fast & powerful universal development environment for PHP, Node. js, Python, Java, Go, Ruby. Also, it is lightweight, easy to use as well.
I have evaluated both VMWare and VirtualBox and tried many linux and windows versions
for building a virtual machine with the get-simple cms. It took me more time than I expected.
I found that VirtualBox works great when it comes to coding. To keep things as fast and easy
as possible in a virtual machine, I found that Windows 7 starter edition is the best os to use.
I am still busy with making a video about it. I hope to have one ready next week.
VirtualMachines are a great way to manage your website projects.
I have tried VMWare which has good performance but unfortunately it is not opensource.
I switched to VirtualBox which is great to manage my Get-Simple cms websites.
Hello Fellow GS developers,

Been very busy lately and had no time to continue the GS VirtualMachine Project.
I picked it up again and found out that Windows 7 starter and home-basic
perform very fast in a VirtualBox machine. As for windows today, it is mostly Windows 10
and Windows 7 is fading away. But if you compare Windows 10 and Windows 7
both in the same virtualmachine, then Windows 7 completely outperforms Windows 10.
Windows 7 is really flying in VirtualBox !! So I decided to build a GS VirtualMachine
with Windows 7 home-basic in VirtualBox. More coming soon.
miss those windows days
(2021-09-01, 21:13:56)gracesmith Wrote: miss those windows days

Windows XP and Windows 7 will live forever in VirtualMachines.
Windows 7 is very fast and responsive in a VirtualBox virtualmachine.
It is perfect to build full stack WebSite Developing environments.
(2021-09-02, 21:40:21)Felix Wrote:
(2021-09-01, 21:13:56)gracesmith Wrote: miss those windows days

Windows XP and Windows 7 will live forever in VirtualMachines.
Windows 7 is very fast and responsive in a VirtualBox virtualmachine.
It is perfect to build full stack WebSite Developing environments.


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