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Get simple 3.3.16 support for php 8.0
(2022-12-15, 19:06:31)islander Wrote: Do you know what patch are you using?
The update to "/admin/components.php" in the last two is minimal, and should have no effect on that.

Well, a bare GSCE distribution by multicolor seems to delete backslashes in components as well. I suspected the i18n plugin stuff to be the culprit, but apparently not. Both under 7.4 and  8.08. I am using MAMP v6.0.6.
PHP Code:
echo "'-";echo "\-";  echo "\'-"; echo "\\-"
gets changed to
PHP Code:
echo "'-";echo "-";  echo "'-"; echo "\-"
after saving components, and this shows up while still being in the component editor. 
Weird. Hope anyone can reproduce this. Isn't this code supposed to remain executable (invariant over changes)?

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