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Get simple 3.3.16 support for php 8.0
(2023-01-13, 07:51:29)islander Wrote:
(2023-01-13, 04:06:26)Oleg06 Wrote:
(2023-01-13, 04:01:29)islander Wrote:
(2023-01-12, 21:12:39)Oleg06 Wrote: Multi User plugin
After not clicking on the Update Plugin button, the following warnings appear.
Deprecated: Function zip_open() is deprecated ...

Hello Oleg. My guess is that there are two problems. First, trying to upgrade to a plugin that is outdated for your version of php. And second, the update method to unzip files is deprecated. My guess is that it is the second one throwing the error.
Not sure if that plugin works on newer php or not though.

I downloaded the plugin here

I see where the problem is coming from, but cant get it to repeat your problem.
You clicked the "update this plugin" button? or how was it triggered?
Yes. I clicked the "update this plugin" button

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