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Get simple 3.3.16 support for php 8.0
(2023-04-11, 07:07:35)leestwise Wrote:
(2023-04-11, 03:27:01)leestwise Wrote:
(2023-04-10, 21:56:29)islander Wrote: Also check this page with debug enabled to see if it give any clue.

Actually, the problem happens while editing in admin mode, so never gets to any displayed website page, so I do not see this revealing the problem. Could it be an .htaccess problem? I would need lots of help there, if so.


I did not see this message until I logged out of the admin page and refreshed the webpage, nor do I know its relevance:

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/leestewart/ in /home/leestewart/ on line 4


FYI: This warning went away after including the following line in the php.ini (phprc on DreamHost) per DreamHost’s relevant help article:

     output_buffering = 4096


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