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Get simple 3.3.16 support for php 8.0
(2023-01-09, 01:00:20)Knobbles Wrote: PHP 8.1
Found today (could not find whether this is already fixed):

/plugins/i18n_base/frontend.class.php on line 24:
explode(): Passing null to parameter #2 ($string) of type string is deprecated

This occurs in function getLanguages().
$httplanguages = explode(",", @$_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE']??'');

(still dont know how $_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE'] can be null as I used a standard browser, but thats not the point here.)

(2023-04-25, 21:17:21)leestwise Wrote:
(2023-04-25, 18:23:09)islander Wrote:
(2023-04-25, 06:34:38)leestwise Wrote: FYI: This warning went away after including the following line in the php.ini (phprc on DreamHost) per DreamHost’s relevant help article:

     output_buffering = 4096


Glad you were able to find a solution.

That, unfortunately, was not the solution to the “Internal Server Error” problem. I felt obligated to explain the header modification warning’s resolution because I had brought it up thinking it might be related. It was not.

To recap, the “Internal Server Error” occurs any time I try to save a theme PHP file or gsconfig.php, while editing from within the Massive Admin Theme environment of GS 3.3.18CE. I have verified that PHP (now v8.1.17) error-logging is turned on, but this error never appears in the log.

My next move will be to wipe my website and reinstall GS 3.3.18CE and try again. I will certainly keep you posted.


You may want to see if you can turn off your Mod Security via cpanel, or whatever control panel your hosting has.
Just to see if it is this that is causing the problem. It is not recommended to leave this turned off though.

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